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At Hampshire Generators, we have an extensive range of portable power generators and petrol generators for sale. With power ratings ranging from 1000W to 12kVA, you can be sure you’ll find an option for you no matter your needs.

Find models from many leading manufacturers like Honda, Excel Power, Pramac and many more.

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More about Petrol Generators

Features and uses of Hampshire Generators’ Petrol Generators

Petrol Generators are typically smaller units often used for residential appliances or professional work sites that don’t require as much output as powering an entire building or organisation. 

This makes them perfect for any scenario, such as camping, leisure, commercial use, construction sites, agriculture, and so much more!

The generators we stock have various features, such as an electric start and LPG conversion kits, which improve mobility; this makes the generators more durable, versatile and reliable. 

Benefits of Petrol Generators

  • Petrol generators are lightweight and easily portable.
  • Easier to move around and set up with no lengthy installation process. 
  • Due to their smaller scale, petrol generators run quieter than diesel generators.
  • Petrol is cheaper to buy than diesel, so you will likely save money in running costs using a petrol generator over a diesel one.

Buy Petrol Generators from Hampshire Generators Today

We have been offering our petrol generators for more than 30 years and have since become well-known as the UK’s number one generator company, providing only the highest quality petrol and the biggest brand names across the UK from the heart of Hampshire.

Contact us for any more information and how to get a new petrol generator suitable for your needs. We don’t stop at just selling petrol generators but also assist with installation, servicing and maintenance. 

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