Stage V Generators

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More about Stage V Generators

The move to Stage V engines can be seen as a good thing – there are many diesel generators in use that are old and non-emissions compliant. These units run for long periods without any exhaust emission reduction; this adds a lot of particulate and NOx emissions pollution into our atmosphere and makes air quality bad for us all. Moving to cleaner energy must be a step in the right direction. Hampshire Generators is an ISO14001 Certified company and we do all we can to reduce our environmental impact. Helping you choose the right Stage IIIa or Stage V diesel generator is part of that commitment. 

Using the very high quality Kohler, Volvo, Yanmar and Scania engines, assembled by market leading manufacturers, Hampshire Generators can supply generators that ensure you are fully compliant with the latest regulations.

The exact usage and output of the generator affects the emissions output requirements – contact us for further information and details on our cleaner range of diesel generators.


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