Buyers Guide: Top Considerations for Buying Portable Power Stations

Ecoflow Delta Bundle + 1x Solar Panel With Solar Panel

Portable Power Stations are a travel safe option, perfect for mobile electrical equipment anytime, anywhere.

Ideal for powering devices such as smartphones, laptops, drones, and lighting. Also capable of powering higher power appliances such as coffee makers and kettles on weekends away.

Why do I need a Power Station?

Portable Power Stations are a compact option for your power needs. These units can keep your laptops, smartphones and small appliances charged and running for days. The compact design allows for these products to be perfect for leisurely use. A portable power station is a necessity for any camping, caravanning, or off-the-grid trip.

How do I charge my Portable Power Station?

Each of our portable power stations can be charged by a wall power supply. A number of our products also offer other options that allow your portable power station to be charged via your car battery. Some units are compatible with solar panels helping to keep your unit charged throughout your trip. Please note that the method of charging will affect the charging time of your portable power station.

How long will the battery last?

The number of devices you have connected to your unit will affect the battery life of your portable power station. We offer a range of units that will accommodate your higher power needs with larger battery sizes. These units will ensure that you can keep your devices such as laptops, smartphones even televisions powered for multiple days. Some brands also offer additional add ons such as extra batteries for your portable power station.

What brand do I need?


Sleek design – These modern units feature a clear and easy-to-use display, to allow you to easily monitor the portable power station functions. The units also feature a carry handle and are incredibly lightweight.

Low noise – Silent, zero-emission rechargeable batteries mean that this unit can keep running day and night without disturbing you. A zero-emission power station ensures that you can explore the outdoors with peace of mind that you are not harming the environment.

Fast charging – Ecoflow power stations use x-stream technology that redefines charge-ability. Ecoflow devices boast a 0-80% recharge time on their units. Ecoflow portable power stations are some of the fastest charging power stations on the market.

Goal Zero

Fast Charging – The goal zero range offers fast charging, powerful batteries. The Goal Zero Yeti 6000X features a 6010 Wh battery that is capable of fully charging in 14 hours. This is enough power to run an 80 Wh television for 70 hours.

Mobile app control – There is no need to worry about poor visibility with the Goal Zero Yeti 600. This generator features an external mobile app that is capable of monitoring your portable power station’s functions and battery level, so you are never left empty.

Multiple USB ports – This portable power station features 2x 2.4A USB-A ports, a 60W USB-C PD port, 18W USB-C Port, 12V Car Port, and a 230V AC / 50 Hz Inverter (2000W, 3500W surge) output. This makes this station capable of keeping a whole range of devices charged while you are off the grid.


Low noise – These modern units remove the need for loud fuelled generators. Simply plug your unit and enjoy your surroundings in peace. Hyundai units use a fast-charging lithium-ion battery capable of power your devices efficiently.

Compact lightweight – Each Hyundai portable power station features an easy carry handle. With the heaviest Hyundai HPS-1100 model at 13kg, each of these devices is considered lightweight. While lightweight these units do not compromise on power capable of recharging via mains power, car battery, or external solar power.

Ready out the box – Hyundai portable power stations remove the need for lengthy setups. These units can have you up and running straight out of the box. The easy-to-read display will keep you updated on your power usage.

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