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Repair your generator rather than replace it

Generators, both diesel and petrol, are expensive items and it can be much more cost effective to repair or refurbish them rather than replace them.

It is good for the environment too.

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What can be done to repair our generator?

Generators repairs can be complex and there are many items that could be causing problems with performance – not all of these will need attention but we can undertake the following

Generator Fault Diagnosis and reporting
Generator diesel or petrol full Engine overhaul and rebuild
Voltage Stability problems (AVR, Capacitor, diodes etc)
Alternator Winding insulation testing
Alternator stator and rotor rewinding
Starter motor replacement
Diesel Generator Control System upgrade and replacement
Acoustic Canopy corrosion treatment and repainting
Fuel tank integrity reporting and corrosion treatment
Exhaust system upgrade and replacement
Cooling system, Radiator, coolant pump testing and replacement

Replace or Repair your generator - which is the best option?

Generators of all sizes are expensive and replacing them is a major consideration and investment. The fundamental design of generators has not changed for many years so there still could be many years of service left in your current unit.

Reliability – generators, especially for critical standby applications, are essential items and they need to be reliable. On-going maintenance can help with this but it may come to the stage that small items are degrading and letting the system down. Refurbishment can cover all small items but the cost should be closely weighed to see if a new unit would make more sense.

Efficiency – while the fundamental mechanics have remained the same there have been some big improvements in fuel technology. This has meant engines are more efficient with lower fuel consumption and this can have a major impact on the running costs of your generator – often this is the main expense in owning a generator. If your generator is a standby only unit then this less of a consideration as the running hours will be low.

Environmental Impact – modern generators can be equipped with low emissions engines which are much less harmful to the environment. Stage IIIa or even Stage V generators are available for use in sensitive areas such as the London Ultra Low Emission zone or under the NNRM (Non-road Mobile Machinery) Directive. Again if you are using your generator as a standby unit then this may be less of a consideration.

Fuel System Installation – many older installations never considered the impact of a major diesel leak on the local environment. The regulations are now strict on the installation of diesel tanks needing to be bunded (double skinned) and tanks being fire-protected in certain circumstances. It may be that your generator installation is not in line with the current regulations and needs to be upgraded. You could be facing serious implications if your system develops a fault.

If your generator is used for standby applications then a repair or refurbishment may be the best option – if it is used for a prime source of power then replacement of an older unit often makes sense. This of course depends on the nature of faults and cost to repair.

Hampshire Generators can provide quotations for both so you can see the best way of proceeding – the first thing we would suggest is a full generator / installation health check and report. We can undertake generator repairs, refurbishment or suggest a replacement unit.

Hampshire Generators can repair any brand of generator

We undertake generator repairs or refurbishment on any brand of generator. At our own workshops or on your site if removal is difficult.

Contact us for advice or a quotation.

generator repairs

We also offer...

Emergency Callout Facility

Hampshire Generators can provide cover for all our equipment on next working day, 6 hour or 4 hour response. This is a nationwide service contract facility available so you can rest assured that there is someone available 24 hours per day / 365 days per year.

We are conveniently located between Portsmouth and Southampton. Not too far from other Hampshire towns and cities of Fareham, Winchester, Petersfield, Alton, Basingstoke, Andover, Farnborough and Aldershot but we, of course, offer nationwide cover.

Load bank testing

Hampshire generators have our own load banks that we use to exercise your generator and make sure it functions perfectly on load – click here for full details of our load banks and the reason to perform load bank testing.

Cost Effective Diesel Generator Servicing

The best way of extending the life of your generator and ensuring it works when it needs to is to maintain and servicing it regularly. Hampshire Generators offer very competitive generator service plans – either one off visits or annual maintenance agreements.

You can find more details Generator Service & Maintenance.​

“I’d like to personally congratulate you on the service given was nice to have a quick response, your engineer was brilliant” G. Yeoman 10th July 2019

G. Yeoman 10th July 2019

“Thanks for that, everything went brilliantly, Gary was a great rep for you”

L. Rawlins
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Looking for small / portable generator servicing and repairs?

Hampshire Generators are the UK’s specialist company for the service and repair of portable petrol and diesel generators at our Swanmore workshop – Have a look at our Portable Generator Servicing Page.

Portable Generator Servicing

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