Thanks to technology that highlights the benefits (in terms of efficiency, cost-effectiveness and sustainability) of using propane (LPG) in a wide range of equipment and combustion engines. Greengear Global Srl has positioned itself on the market with a strong focus on innovation and “smart” projects, as well as a continued commitment to the “green revolution”.

Easy Starting of the Greengear Generator Range

All the Greengear LPG generator range have electric key starting with recoil start (pull start) as a backup should the battery fail. The Greengear’s are highly mobile and durable. The durability of the generator is enhanced by powder coated tubular frame with built in handles. The handles fold away neatly while in use and for better storage. Most of the range come with a wheel kit including ‘never flat’ tires to eliminate the problems of deflation.

Greengear Onboard Multi-function Display

The multi-function display screen allows you to verify the generator’s working functions. Using a button, you can switch between checking the Voltage, Frequency and Hours of use.

Greengear Easy LPG Gas Connection

Connecting the gas cylinder is easy, thanks to the dedicated connector located at the rear of the generator.

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