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Grupel Generators believe that access to power can enhance the development of regions. They know, however, that this supply is not uniform worldwide and that the needs to ensure its supply are distinct from region to region.

For this reason, the Grupel team works daily to create tailor-made solutions, according to each geographical requirements and for the intended use, be it residential or commercial for standby power or to operate continuously in power plants, business or industrial units.

To meet this objective, Grupel have a factory of 24,000m2 dedicated to the manufacture of generators, being the largest production unit of this type of equipment in Portugal. They are a renowned brand in the sector, and work hard to ensure the satisfaction of our customers. In 2021, they were honoured to receive the Five Stars Award (Prémio Cinco Estrelas), for the fifth consecutive year.

But it is not only in Portugal that they are recognized. Currently, about 80% of the company’s business is exported around the world to more than 70 countries. With their customers and partners, they take Grupel Energy further and further.

Grupel Diesel Generators – SMART Range

Grupel Diesel Generators – SMART Range.


Grupel’s range of SMART diesel generators, with powers between 8 and 65kVA, is composed of products with characteristics suitable for support applications, that are lower power rating, whether in a residential or business context.

Available with Grupel’s own brand or using components from internationally recognized brands such as Perkins, Baudouin or Iveco, these electric generators offer reliability, safety and an excellent price-quality ratio.

SMART diesel generators start automatically as soon as a power supply failure occurs, thus ensuring a competent and efficient supply.

This range of electric gensets is fully customizable according to the needs of each customer and location characteristics, and can be supplied in soundproof or open version.

Grupel Diesel Generators – INDUSTRIAL Range

Grupel Diesel Generators – INDUSTRIAL Range.


The Grupel range of industrial diesel generators, with powers from 40 to 1250kVA, was especially developed for the industrial sector and is designed to operate as a main and/or emergency power source, in installations where there is no other power source or where the existing source is very weak.

These power generators are intended for a diverse set of applications, and therefore include an extended customization capacity, in order to meet both the demands of the context and location of the application, as well as the requirements inherent to the application itself.

In highly sensitive sectors, such as manufacturing units, hospitals, data centers or hotels, this range of products ensures an electricity supply capable of counteracting any interruption or instability affecting the electrical network, and is triggered automatically in case there is a supply failure.

In isolated areas, the range of industrial diesel generators ensures a continuous, reliable and safe supply of electricity, with high efficiency and profitability.

The industrial gensets comply with all current standards in terms of noise and ensure comfort for users. They present an excellent quality, using components from internationally renowned brands such as Perkins or Baudouin.

Grupel Diesel Generators HEAVY Range

Grupel Diesel Generators HEAVY Range.


The HEAVY range of diesel generators, with power from 800 to 3150kVA, has been specially developed by the R&D+I team to meet industrial needs with high energy demands.

This range consists of containerized diesel generators designed to provide low and/or medium voltage power on a continuous basis, as well as to act as a power source in case of emergency.

Given their high power and specificity of their canopy, these generator sets are characterized by their adaptability to the needs of each client and versatility in their construction. For this, Grupel have a specialized technical team capable of responding to different requirements and application objectives.

Grupel Diesel Generators – SPECIAL PROJECTS

Grupel Diesel Generators – SPECIAL PROJECTS.


One of Grupel’s most distinctive features is its ability to adapt to the specific needs of each client, it comes to the range of generators for special projects, whose keyword is undoubtedly flexibility.

With a wide variety of extras, Grupel’s Special Projects can be customized, modified and adapted according to the needs of the customer. Grupel can ensure an excellent capacity to develop or adapt to solutions as distinct as these:

  • Supervision and Data Acquisition System (SCADA): control and communication with centralized systems (DCS);
  • Human machine interface (HMI): touch screen installed on the control panel, with remote access, via Internet, from mobile devices;
  • Integrated circuit breakers and integrated medium voltage cells;
  • Integrated fuel systems;
  • Independent fire protection systems (PCI): detection and extinction;
  • Pneumatic and electric redundant starting system;
  • Solutions for extreme temperatures (-30ºC to 55ºC);
  • Explosive atmosphere systems (ATEX)
  • Large capacity fuel tanks and automatic fuel pumping systems;
  • Engines with optimized emissions;
  • Remote engine cooling systems using air exchangers;
  • IP54 soundproofed enclosures;
  • Large capacity dust filters, ‘heavy duty’ type;
  • Panels of industrial sockets inserted in the equipment and with easy access.

The Product Development department has a highly specialized team with extensive knowledge in the development of high-power diesel generators for use in contexts such as power plants, cogeneration plants or for military purposes as an example.

If you are looking for a customized solution that guarantees the best quality, efficiency and technical assistance, Hampshire Generators and Grupel has the answer.

Hampshire Generators are the UK dealer for Grupel Generators and normally hold a good stock of standard units at our Hampshire Depot. We can modify these if other options are required or provide a special build unit directly from the Grupel Portugal factory.

Get in touch if you would like any further information on the Grupel range of generators – [email protected]

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