LPG Generators

LPG powered generators are a great way to reduce your carbon emissions while still having the power you need.

Hampshire Generators are an authorised Greengear Service Centre – so we cannot only recommend and sell you an LPG generator but also service, repair and maintain your unit to give years of great service. Get in touch to find your perfect LPG Generator today.

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LPG Generator Advantages

Running Costs

LPG is cheaper than petrol by up to a half so running a generator for extended periods can be expensive. LPG helps offset that expense.

Fuel Storage

LPG lasts for a long time in pressurised bottles and canisters so does not ‘go off’ like petrol or diesel. it is also stable and sealed so not unpleasant odours or difficult storage arrangements.


The emissions of an LPG product are less harmful to the environment than the emissions from both petrol powered generators and diesel powered generators. LPG powered home generators release less carbon dioxide per unit of energy than petrol or diesel powered generators.


LPG cylinders for your LPG powered generator can easily be delivered to your door. The replacement of cylinders is quick and easy to undertake.


The cost of maintaining an LPG powered generator is lower than a petrol powered generator. This is as a result of running more cleanly, not blocking the carburettor or hinder the function of the engine, leading to the spark plug and other components lasting longer than in a petrol fuelled engine.


With reduced emissions, less smells, lower noise etc. many outdoor events, campsites and other sensitive areas now only accept the use of LPG generators.


LPG powered home generators are known for running at a much quieter level than petrol engines.

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