Choosing and installing a standby power system (generator or UPS or both) can be a complicated and daunting task; one that you need to get right first time.

Hampshire Generators offer a customer generator installation site survey to establish your exact requirements and ensure the offered system is fit for purpose and is the most economical way of fulfilling your requirements.​

It is important that a standby generator and UPS system works together and sourcing from a single company ensures this integration is taken care of from the initial design. Hampshire Generators are the leading company in the UK for integrating generator installations with UPS installations – we can provide expert advice from engineers with years of experience in the selection and installation of standby generators and UPS systems.

Cost of ownership for a set period can also be calculated – this is important – the capital costs are significant but that cheap UPS may cost thousands more over the expected equipment life and an inefficient generator could burn more fuel and may pollute your local environment.

Generator installation site survey
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