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Inverter generators

The Inverter generators are a great alternative to more expensive generators that might cost three times the price; especially if you are an occasional user. The designs are modern and look professional in use and we all know it that is important! The smaller end is covered by a range of Hyundai Inverter generators. These are quiet and economical and are great for leisure use. We have also sold many of these to motorcyclists for use on track days, mobile valeting companies, events catering etc.

Petrol and Diesel generators

The mid range of 5 to 10kVA is a choice of petrol or diesel generators. The HY10000LEK-ii unit is the largest petrol open framed unit and is great for; mobile mechanics, mobile workshops, construction sites etc. If you are looking for diesel then the two portable Hyundai Diesel Generators are; the DHY6000SE and the DHY8000SELR. They are much more economical for running for longer periods than the petrol generators. The DHY8000SELR has a 30 litre tank so will run for about 3 days on a single tank of red diesel.

1500 rpm Diesel Hyundai Generators

Moving up the range there are the 1500 rpm diesel generators. These are slower speed units (the smaller generators run at 3000rpm). So are quieter, less stressed and likely to have a much longer life span. They are large diesel generators that are used mainly for standby applications – office blocks, factories and large private residences. The largest is the 125kVA unit which is a good size for many standby applications. The acoustic canopy is a great design that looks good but will blend in to the surrounding well if necessary. They also have external fuel filling, emergency stop buttons and control panel viewing window as standard.

Hyundai Generators are normally available from stock with next day delivery an option.

Hampshire Generators are an official UK Hyundai Dealer and hold stock of a wide range of generators – call us on 01329 722390 if you need any help with selecting, delivering, installing or maintaining your diesel generator.​

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