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As we are providing industry leading generators and reliable uninterruptible power supplies, Hampshire Generator and UPS Co offer a range of useful power accessories. Our range of power accessories is designed to enhance any power requirement and complete every power job. From trailers to transfer switches and accessories for UPS systems too; we have everything your power supply needs.

Why Choose Hampshire Generator and UPS Co for generator spare parts & Power Accessories?

We offer nationwide delivery for your convenience

We provide quick responses and offer many same-day collections or fast delivery options

Our online shop is completely secure for your safety and peace of mind

We are a team of UK industry experts, who can offer technical support and buying advice

We are ISO 9001 accredited as a commitment to our quality

We provide servicing and repair so we can extend the life of your power supplies.

What Are The Most Useful Generator And Power Accessories?

Transfer Switches

Transfer switches can help you to safely and efficiently transfer the load between your main utility power supply and the generator. In the event of an outage, you can quickly and seamlessly move the load back and forth as necessary. While transfer switches are suited explicitly to backup generators, they work with all manner of generators for ease and convenience. You can usually attach the switch to the electrical panel and then transfer the load back and forth as you need to.

Service Kits And Filters

Generators are just like any other machine with moving parts. With use, they will eventually suffer from wear and tear. However, you can prolong the life of your generator through regular generator servicing and maintenance. By looking after your generator through servicing, you can make sure your generator continues to provide optimal output. With service kits from Hampshire Generator and UPS Co, you can continue to keep your generator in tip-top condition.

AutoStart Equipment

AutoStart equipment provides users with the convenience of running the generator without having to physically go to the generator itself. With AutoStart equipment, you can initiate the generator at the push of a button. AutoStart equipment may be wireless, allowing you to operate the generator through a remote.

Exhaust Options

With flexible exhaust extension pipes, you have greater control as to where you can safely direct the exhaust fumes too. This can be invaluable at events with portable generators as well as helping you to lead the exhaust fumes safely with generators in a permanent location.  

Trailer Options

Make sure you can transfer your portable generator with ease by utilising a road-going trailer. Trailers for generators are incredibly useful and convenient, allowing your generator to go to almost anywhere with you. Trailers are ideal for increasing the portability.  

UPS Battery Boxes

UPS battery boxes allow you to increase the operating time of your uninterruptible power supply (UPS power supply). They are ideal in extending power amidst a prolonged blackout. You can also connect more battery boxes to provide more power without relying on mains power. When purchasing UPS battery boxes, it is essential to check that the battery voltage of the box is the same as permitted by the UPS itself.

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