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Hampshire Generators are excited to announce the launch of a revolutionary new product from our friends at EcoFlow.  The EcoFlow PowerStream Solar System is set to launch in the UK at the end of May 2023 and we haven’t been more excited about a product launch in years it has to be said.

A little about the EcoFlow brand:

Hampshire Generators have been a partner of the EcoFlow brand since it was established in 2017.  Their mission to provide portable renewable power solutions to off – grid life, emergency power supply and outdoor power source, this was the type of forward thinking in the industry that led us to becoming major UK partners for the brand and its products ever since. In fact we are the only UK authorised Service Centre for the entire EcoFlow range. We have continued to bring the ever-evolving high quality product range to the UK market and we couldn’t be happier with it.

So, what is The EcoFlow PowerStream Solar System?

The EcoFlow PowerStream Solar System is a balcony solar system with a portable power station that we feel will not only change the way we think about our power consumption but also revolutionise solar energy both day and night to reduce our energy bills in the home. It is a very easy system with DIY installation in under 10 minutes.

Comprising of a microinverter which simply plugs in and feeds power collected from solar panels into the home’s electrical network. This reduces consumption and reliance on the mains power. The great thing about it is that any excess energy captured by the solar panels is stored in an EcoFlow Portable Power Station so can be used overnight when the sun isn’t shining.

Easy Integration of the PowerStream

The EcoFlow PowerStream system is compatible with all EcoFlow power stations. You can check our EcoFlow Portable Power Stations here at EcoFlow Portable Power Stations | EcoFlow Solar Generators ( after this blog of course. It will allow users to save money while also powering your home sustainability.

PowerStream EcoFlow installation

PowerStream System That Puts You in Control.

The EcoFlow PowerStream allows real time monitoring of your energy usage via its smart plug and EcoFlow app. These smart plugs are simply fitted into UK spec sockets and monitor individual appliance loads. You can manage your consumption and optimise solar energy to your home circuit which will help keep down those ever-rising energy bills.

EcoFlow PowerStream app

A Back up Solution That Works to Save You Money

We have all experienced power cuts or black outs in the UK from time to time, even the shortest power outages seem to come at most inconvenient times. The EcoFlow PowerStream captures, stores, and maximises solar energy both day and night so will be there when you need it most.  The EcoFlow PowerStream will make power outages a thing of the past through its design and technology.  When you need it most it will keep the essentials running from lighting to many household appliances allowing for very minimal downtime in such an event.

Power Anytime Anywhere

With the lighter evenings now upon us the EcoFlow portable power station allows us to unplug from the home and enjoy the great outdoors. The ideal companion on your outdoor adventures such as caravanning, camping, fishing trips or even the summer festival season. However, you like to use your free time this product has you covered, it really will revolutionise how we power our home and fit your lifestyle when its time to enjoy some well-earned free time.

EcoFlow PowerStream Portable

Not Long to Wait Now

We are so excited by this product launch here at Hampshire Generators we can’t wait to get our hands on the product. With the product launch coming the end of May 2023 new details are just around the corner so please stay tuned and we will be in touch to tell you exactly when you can get your new EcoFlow PowerStream.

You can find our range of EcoFlow products here on our website EcoFlow Portable Power Stations | EcoFlow Solar Generators (

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