Quality Assured Generator & UPS Sales, Servicing and Repair

ISO9001:2015 – Hampshire generators strive to be a top quality sales and service partner for diesel generators, petrol generators and uninterruptible power supplies.

Here at Hampshire Generators, quality and customer service has always been the top priority and we are pleased to say that we are one of the few southern England diesel generator sales, service and repair companies that have a full UKAS accredited ISO9001:2015 Quality Assurance System – some companies have non-UKAS accredited quality systems but any professional purchaser knows that those are not acceptable now. More and more organisations are insisting on full and proper UKAS accrediated companies supplying their critical power sales and support.

reasons we implemented the iso9001:2015 quality system for our generator sales and service and how it benefits you as a customer:-

  • We can provide a quality and continually improving service; we learn from our (rare, we hope) mistakes and make sure it doesn’t happen again.
  • Our quality system ensures any generator sale or installation is performed on time.
  • Our internal ISO9001 system promotes a ‘right first time’ attitude which results in happier customers.
  • Fewer returned products and complaints so we can concentrate on giving you great generator prices and technical support.
  • An Independent audit demonstrates our commitment to quality – many QMS systems (that are not UKAS) rely on in-house audits – we don’t see the point of that and having an external independant inspection keeps us on our toes!

Contact us and see the difference it makes having these systems in place; The Hampshire Generator & UPS Company can provide sales and service from small petrol generators right up to multi-megawatt standby diesel generator installations. We have approaching 30 years experience in the design and installation of standby power systems, sales, service, repair and technical support.

You can see our official certificate here – Hampshire Generators ISO9001 Quality Certificate