Inmesol Generators are a world force in the manufacture of power generation systems, diesel generator sets, lighting towers and welder generators with 29 years’ experience. Highly adaptable, and with excellent technical staff, Inmesol are industry leaders in high quality, high specification, low noise level diesel generators either as standard units or for specialist generator installation projects.

Based in Murcia, Spain and operating from a 30,000m2 industrial facility with mechanised acoustic canopy production – the quality of Inmesol Generators is amongst the best you can get.

Covering the entire generator range from less than 3kVA to 3000kVA the Inmesol Generator range is split into five ranges.

Inmesol generator Portable Range

Portable diesel and petrol generators for personal or rental use – 3000rpm. This range is aimed at homeowners and residential properties, mobile mechanics, hobby users, construction sites and remote locations where reliable power is needed.

Engines Used – Kohler & Lombardini

Alternators Used – Mecc Alte

Voltages – 230 single phase and 400V three phase 50HZ at 3000rpm

Inmesol Industrial generator Range

Covering 8kVA to 700kVA these generators are designed mainly for prime power use where mains electricity is not available or too expensive to install. This range is available in open or acoustic canopy options.

Engines Used – Kohler, Lombardini & Volvo Penta

Alternators Used – Mecc Alte

Canopy Noise Level – 70dB(A) at 7m typical (100kVA model IV-110)

Inmesol Standby generator Range

The standby generator range is designed to offer maximum performance when installed to provide a backup to an existing reliable mains power supply. These diesel generators come into operation automatically when there is a mains power failure, guaranteeing the power stays on and your critical loads are kept running. Available with automatic start control panels, coolant heaters and battery chargers to offer a full standby power package.

Engines Used – Kohler, Lombardini & Volvo Penta

Alternators Used – Mecc Alte

Canopy Noise Level – 70dB(A) at 7m typical (100kVA model IV-110)

Inmesol Rental Generator Range

INMESOL Generators Rental Range is designed to be the best rental specification to power highly critical loads and events – where reliable power is needed but also quiet power.

The outstanding feature of the rental generator range is the very high quality acoustic canopy – very low noise level, very high quality and designed by INMESOL engineers to be the most robust canopy available today.

These rental generators also have many features to prolong service intervals such as very large fuel tanks (and external fuel tank connections), extra filters and water separator filters.

These generators are available with site and road-tow trailer options to provide a truly versatile rental generator.

Inmesol Heavy Range

The heavy range at INMESOL is the largest group of generators available from the company. They are normally containerised for easy transportation and installation but can be provided as open generators for installation in plant room projects.

Full control systems including automatic start, automatic synchronising with other generators or the mains are available.

The Heavy range is normally quoted on a project basis to ensure the customer receives the best solution available for the installation.

Inmesol lighting towers

INMESOL also has a range of LIGHTING TOWERS that is growing year after year with the incorporation of the latest LED technology and new lighter and more versatile designs, adaptable to a multitude of applications. Welder Generators are also in the INMESOL line up – great quality and robust for a demanding application.

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Great service with prompt delivery. Andrew provided excellent all-round customer service. I would purchase from this supplier again.

- Paul Donovan