Generator & UPS Servicing & Repair

Whatever brand of Generator or UPS, The Hampshire Generator & UPS Company can assist with service, maintenance and repair. Planned routine servicing or emergency service we cover it all.

We are here to assist – call us to find out more.

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More about Generator & UPS Servicing & Repair

By Maintaining your diesel generator or UPS through our Diesel Generator Maintenance Service, it allows you to be assured that your diesel generator is is top condition and ready for use when you need it most. You need your standby power generator and UPS to be reliable and regular generator and UPS maintenance gives you that piece of mind. Hampshire Generators is one of the highest rated diesel generator maintenance companies and we pride ourselves on excellent customer service. Our Generator Maintenance reviews show that we are committed to quality

Why should you maintain your diesel generator?

A diesel generator or UPS system is a critical part of your business infrastructure and regular servicing and maintenance means it will operate reliably and efficiently. A simple thing like a flat battery or perished fuel hose can mean your generator will not start when it is needed. Regular generator inspections mean this is avoided.

We not only offer fixed price diesel generator service contracts but also ad-hoc or one offer service visits. We still respond to your needs even if you are not under contract with us. We have a 100% response rate to contract and non-contract call outs.

Most service visits include the following:

  • Oil and coolant level check. (minor top-up is included)**
  • Oil quality sampling (report normally takes 14 days).
  • Coolant antifreeze working temperature.
  • Fuel hoses, storage and pumps inspection.
  • Hose and engine heater (if fitted) check.
  • Starter Batteries voltage and charging.
  • General mechanical inspection including fixings, guards, anti-vibration mounts, fan belts etc.
  • Canopy condition including silencers, hinges, corrosion, cable entry etc.
  • Electrical connection and wiring – security and safety.
  • Run off load (with your permission).
  • Full Report on the generator and installation condition.

Many customers require a tailored service arrangement and we can certainly assist with this – contact us for a quotation.

  • Bespoke response times
  • Load Bank Testing
  • Regular site attendance / generator attendance
  • UPS Battery Impedance Testing.

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