Diesel Generators vs Petrol Generators

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When deciding to get a new generator or replace your existing one, the first consideration everyone typically has is whether to opt for a petrol or diesel generator.

To help you make an informed decision on which to invest in, we’ve made a helpful guide on Diesel Generators vs Petrol Generators to clearly outline the differences between the two and weigh up the benefits and drawbacks of each.

Diesel Generators

Due to their size and output, Diesel generators are typically better for installations requiring more extensive power. This includes running backup power to essential places such as hospitals, restaurants, and government buildings.

Benefits of Diesel Generators

On average, a diesel generator is considered more fuel efficient and, as a result, cost-effective compared to petrol-powered generators – this is because diesel generators burn at a 50% slower rate than petrol generators. This allows them to be long-running and work well as standby generators for blackouts.

Diesel generators also typically have a longer life span than a petrol generator at around 15,000 hours, whereas petrol generators generally only have about 2,000 hours of shelf life. These estimates can vary depending on factors such as generator maintenance and correct sizing. That being said, a Diesel generator will require less frequent and rigorous servicing due to having fewer internal components. 

Diesel generators can produce more power and handle larger loads than petrol generators, making them the more obvious choice for most companies or anywhere dependent on electricity to operate effectively.

Drawbacks of Diesel Generators

Because they provide a greater power output, diesel generators are typically larger than their petrol counterparts, meaning they are more expensive investments. On top of the cost of the generator itself, diesel fuel costs more than petrol in the UK.

Due to their larger size, standard diesel generators typically require a more thorough installation, therefore, moving them is not as easy. They may even require a professional to help set up correctly. That being said, you can get specific portable diesel generators that, while still being heavier than the petrol equivalent, offer the flexibility of moving the generator from site to site. This option is the perfect in-between for situations when only Diesel Power will do the job.

Petrol Generators

Petrol generators instead run on gasoline and are typically smaller units often used for residential appliances or professional work sites that don’t require as much output as powering an entire building or organisation. 

Benefits of Petrol Generators

Petrol generators are lightweight and easily portable, making great solutions to specific power needs, such as camping or construction work sites. They are much easier to move around and set up with no lengthy installation process. 

Due to their smaller scale, petrol generators run quieter than diesel generators, making them an ideal choice for residential areas as they’re less likely to disturb nearby people. 

Petrol is cheaper to buy than diesel, so you will likely save money in running costs using a petrol generator over a diesel one.

Drawbacks of Petrol Generators

Because petrol generators are made using a spark ignition system, they are more likely to encounter issues that require maintenance or part replacements. On top of the potential pricey servicing costs, the general life span of your petrol generator will be significantly less than a diesel generator, so it will need replacing, which can also be costly.

While petrol is cheaper, a petrol generator’s fuel efficiency is much lower than diesel, resulting in you burning through the fuel more quickly. Not only does this mean you’ll have to replace it more often, but petrol is also more flammable, so you’ll need to drain any unused fuel to allow for safe storage.

Hampshire Generators Diesel and Petrol Generator Selection

Hampshire Generators has a wide range of Diesel and Petrol generators, so no matter your choice, you’ll find something for your needs. Including some of the biggest brands in the industry, such as Excel Power, Honda, Champion and Warrior – we exclusively offer the highest quality and most reliable generators.

Whether you’re looking for a residential backup generator, camping generator or site power, we cover all options with new generators. However, if you’re still unsure which model is best for your situation and power requirements, get in touch with a team member, and they’ll gladly discuss the options so you can find a suitable generator.