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P1PE generators – Position One Power Equipment is a solely owned brand of Genpower Ltd. The UK and Ireland Importer of P1PE. The range of generators from P1 Power Equipment is an expansive series of powerful units. Ranging from smaller outputs and specialising in Petrol Inverter Generators.

All P1 machines come with a two-year warranty – One-year parts, labour and carriage, second year parts only.

P1PE Suitcase style petrol invert generators.

Aimed directly at the leisure sector; camping, caravanning and motorhomes, the range of P1PE generators are compact but powerful. The suitcase style range of generators are easy to carry usually with a handle on the top. Some of the larger generators have a handy pull-out front handle like the P4000i. Most have an Eco Mode which lowers the engine rpm to increase fuel economy. As well as reducing noise levels, whilst extending the engine lifespan.

P1PE Open Frame Generators

The range of open frame invert generates are ideal for powering televisions, laptops, large motorhomes, power tools and more. They all have robust non-puncture wheels to make moving the generator about extremely easy. The open frame petrol generators from P1PE have generous log run fuel tanks, with run times of up to a huge 12 hours. Also, they feature easy electric starting by way of a key or push button. Lastly there is a recoil start (pull start) on the generators for emergency use.

What is an Inverter generator?

A petrol inverter generator works differently; they use AC power at varying frequency converted to DC via a rectifier and then back to a very clean super smooth 50hz output. The rectifier and inverter assembly effectively takes the rough power of a variable speed engine and raw output of the high voltage alternator and smooths it out to a ‘synthetic’ AC waveform. The control system in the inverter generator takes care of all of this and you are presented with a smooth, stable, clean and consistent source of electricity.

There are three main benefits to this: –

  • Lower Noise levels on lower load – when the generator is running at part load the control system lowers the revs on the engine (as not as much power is required). This significantly reduces the noise level. Also, inverter generators are normally more enclosed with helps them be some of the quietest generators on the market.
  • Lower fuel consumption – lower revs and lower power output equals lower fuel consumption. An inverter generator constantly adjusts its speed to match the required load – hitting the most economical and efficient rev range for the application.
  • Very clean and stable output power – laptops, computers and other sensitive equipment can be powered which is not the case with standard capacitor-controlled units.
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