What to consider before buying a portable generator

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Portable generators offer a whole host of benefits over a standby generator; with no need for installation, cheaper to buy, efficient to run, and most obviously, their ability to quickly move from place to place with ease. 

The benefits of using a portable diesel generator mean they are suitable for a whole range of different uses, some of which you may never have considered.

What can you use a portable generator for?

Depending on where you live, power cuts might be something you regularly have to combat, putting even more emphasis on ensuring you have a reliable power source in the case of an emergency. You can circumvent the issues caused by outages by using a generator to power essential appliances within the home, such as your fridge, to prevent food from spoiling. While less essential, you could also use it to power your lights, computer, TV, and other electronics to allow you to continue day-to-day life uninterrupted. 

A backup power supply is one of the main reasons many consider getting a portable diesel generator, it is by no means the only reason. 

If you have a large garden but have no extension cords long enough to trail all the way from your house, you’re better off getting yourself a portable generator to power garden tools, allowing you to easily pick up and move your portable power source to wherever you need to do garden work.

If you’re looking to go camping and enjoy what nature has to offer, a portable generator might be a no-brainer to power equipment around the campsite. It’s such an improvement to an outdoor getaway.

Similarly, in many outdoor events, whether it’s a wedding, festival, or market, you could benefit from a portable generator, such as powering stand electronics and amenities. 

Essential things to know before you buy your portable diesel generator UK

When choosing your UK portable generator, take into consideration what you’ll be using it for. 

The wattage of a portable generator varies from a few hundred watts to around 10,000,so It’s essential you are well-versed on how much the appliances you want to use will draw, so your generator can facilitate the output you need. If you have too many connections on the same power supply, you might overload the circuit, causing the generator to overheat and blow a fuse, which is extremely dangerous in the presence of fuel. 

Next, it’s vital you understand that you will always need to have some fuel canisters on hand, as a generator will need to be fueled every time before use and drained afterward. A full tank’s run will typically last somewhere between 5-12 hours, depending on its size. This is also something to be wary of when purchasing your generator, making sure you select one that can meet your requirements.

Given their portability and smaller size, these generators will not have the same run time as stationary generators. Depending on the level of use and engine quality, you can expect around 2000 hours of run time in total. 

There are some other factors that can also impact the life span, including whether your generator is exposed to dust or moisture. It’s important that your generator is stored inside (even if the generator model can be used outside) and maintained regularly. Maintenance on a portable generator is minimal, especially if it is only occasionally used and can often be done by yourself. 

Drawbacks of using a portable generator 

If you’re using a generator residentially or on a camping site, you should consider the levels of noise it might produce and how that affects your neighbours. Surprisingly despite their smaller size, a portable generator is actually louder than a backup generator. This is due to them not containing some of the noise-cancelling additions that the more expensive and permanent counterpart includes. That being said, certain brands specialise in specifically marketed quiet models. The team at Hampshire Generators can help you find a quieter portable diesel generator if you are in need. 

It is essential that you do not cover the power generator or place it inside while in operation in an attempt to reduce noise pollution, as the fumes they emit can be dangerous if inhaled. 

Naturally, a drawback of a portable generator is its reduced power as a result of its size to instead afford mobility. If you’re looking for a bigger output, Hampshire Generators can supply a range of different portable generators for your power needs. For more information, contact us.