Is your backup generator winter ready?

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We recently talked about how often power cuts occur every single day across the UK, and while ordinarily, power cuts wouldn’t cause much of an issue, in today’s modern age, where we are so reliant on technology, during the winter season when outages are common, they could lead to some serious problems.

Here at Hampshire Generators, we offer a wide range of diesel and petrol emergency generators to help circumvent the troubles that come with outages. But first, it’s important to ensure your backup generator is winter-ready – here’s a handy checklist of everything you’ll need to prepare:

How Does A Home Emergency Generator Work?

Having an emergency generator for your home means that whenever a power cut occurs, your generator will immediately kick in to alleviate the outage. There is little to no input needed from the owners as your backup generator will automatically detect a drop in power and get to work, delivering backup power to your home, making for as little interference as possible.

Once power is restored to the house, the generator will stand down and await the next outage.

When Is A Home Emergency Generator Needed?

Households have been warned about the risk of electricity blackouts across Europe as temperatures continue to fall this winter. If the power were to go out and stay out for several days, you can say goodbye to all of your fridge and freezer contents. 

Not to mention that the increasing popularity of working from home meaning an outage could be catastrophic and lead to loss of earnings.

What Do You Need For Your Home Backup Generator?

To be able to implement an emergency generator for your home, you must stock a good supply of fuel to last you through the winter period, especially in case you end up stranded due to the weather and unable to acquire any more. Keeping an emergency stockpile in a shed or garage that is well-ventilated and out of direct sunlight or any source of heat is imperative.

Maintaining Your Home Emergency Generator

Due to the nature of only using an emergency generator when they are needed, you may find that your generator has an undiagnosed fault when it is all too late! It’s essential that routine servicing is done to ensure your generator does not fail on you at a crucial moment when you need it the most. The most common issues are; a low voltage battery, dampness interfering with electrics, air in the fuel system, or hose failure.

When it comes to maintaining your home’s emergency generator, regularly starting your equipment will help you notice any signs of fault, or alternatively, you can come to Hampshire Generators, who are on hand to take care of your generator servicing, including any brand or age generator. During our visit, the team will carry out a full on-site inspection and service.

These generators come in various sizes, with options strong enough to power your entire home and other options that will just keep the lights on. It’s extremely important you are using a suitable generator that meets the needs it will be filling. If you have it powering too many appliances within your home, you run the risk of overloading the circuit and blowing a fuse, leaving you in a terrible spot still with no electricity and no way of restoring power to your home until the generator is fixed, or mains power is restored.

In this instance, it’s important you are aware of the generator’s maximum output and understand how much the appliances you need to power will draw so you do not exceed how much it can provide.

Ensure you have a backup generator that’s winter-ready and get in touch today. For more information, contact us on 01329 277285 or email us at [email protected].

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