Which industries benefit from generators?

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No matter what business you are in, you’re going to need some power. While most people use mains electricity supplied from the national grid, power cuts do happen. At home, an outage can be frustrating and stop you from watching TV, but when it comes to work, many businesses will cease to run if a power cut occurs. In this case, it might make sense to invest in a backup generator to ensure your business is unaffected by an outage.

Aside from power cuts, some businesses may require generators when they cannot traditionally power work equipment from their location. In this instance, a portable generator to provide power to appliances might be beneficial or even necessary for these industries to operate effectively. 

If you’re curious about whether your company would benefit from having a generator, we’ve put together a list of industries where it might be advantageous to have a generator power system.

Health Care

While some industries can function without electricity for a short while, some rely on electricity so much that even a brief loss of power could have dire consequences. In this case, a standby generator could be a literal lifesaver for industries such as Health Care. Hospitals require devices such as life support machines that require constant electricity. A generator may be an essential option to consider to ensure continuous power and a patient’s wellbeing.


Any construction work will need electricity to power the wide range of machinery and equipment used on site. Often, construction workers cannot use the local electricity supply due to their remote location not having access to the grid. Portable generators can be hugely beneficial to transport around easily and provide power to various tools and equipment needed.  


Modern farming has become incredibly automated, and as a result, the agriculture industry is highly reliant on power. Even short-term electrical outages could be devastating on crops and livestock. The agriculture sector contributes significantly to the economy and so many other industries, so power shortages impact far more than just them. Therefore an agriculture generator is essential for them to continue regular operations uninterrupted.  


The food industry is one of the largest globally, with various elements requiring energy from transportation, processing and handling. A loss of power at any stage would put these businesses at risk of losing their products and cause huge issues further down the chain. Food needs to be packaged and refrigerated to preserve it, not to mention restaurants and food retail would entirely shut down their service if they lost power.


Almost all businesses in the manufacturing industry are made redundant without electricity as the tools and complex machinery they rely on all require power. A power outage could lead to huge losses, quality issues, and occupational safety hazards.


The entertainment industry is another one that requires constant power connectivity. Power outages at places such as radio stations and cinemas cause a massive disruption to the audience’s experience. A backup generator could allow the show to continue uninterrupted and prevent disappointment from customers. 


Education has embraced technology as electricity enables much of the classroom media tools, such as the internet, computers, whiteboards and much more. But when that power goes, as does a school’s ability to teach its students. An emergency backup generator can help keep the lights and heating on during this time. 

Ultimately there isn’t a single industry that can get by without the use of constant power, so there’s no denying that a generator would be beneficial to all. Thankfully, Hampshire Generators supply a wide range of generators to suit just about every type of business, and even ones designed for home-usage. 

If you think a generator might be something that would benefit your business, get in touch with a team member to have the confidence knowing should the worst occur, you are covered and can continue to work in the event of a power cut.

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