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Technology True On-Line Double Conversion provides excellent output voltage parameters regardless of power disturbances and the type of receivers being powered on the Cover Energy 300kVA 300000VA BM300 UPS Unit.

Rectifier IGBT the most advanced technology ensuring very low THDi and high power factor.

Automatic bypass – uninterrupted ensures uninterrupted power supply to critical loads such as overheating or failure.

Service bypass – enables servicing of devices without switching off powered receivers. Separate power supply Bypass track provides the ability to provide a reserve power source for receivers. Even in the event of a device failure or UPS protection in the main track.

Communication Interfaces on The Cover Energy 300kVA 300000VA BM300 UPS Unit

  • RS232, RS485, MODBUS to monitor and manage the operation of the power supply and receivers
  • DryContact relay contacts for cooperation with BMS systems
  • SNMP integration with NMS network management systems
  • Remote switch connector against Fire (REPO) to ensure remote disconnection of power supply to receivers in the event of a fire
  • Switch aginst Fire (EPO) on the control panel it enables immediate disconnection of power from the receivers
  • Touch control and monitoring panel. Gives the possibility of diagnostics of parameters and operation mode of the power supply and enables registration of events.
  • Available languages include Polish English.

Small dimensions of the Cover Energy 300000VA BM300 UPS 600 kW takes 1,44 m² and power packing at 416 kW/m².

High efficiency of the device (97%) It reduces the own losses of the device and reduces the heat emitted, making possible cooling of the rooms easier and cheaper.

ECO-Mode (HE) It allows for a significant reduction of the unit’s operating costs and virtually eliminates heat emission.

Dual Input Lines i.e. the possibility of using separate power supply lines for the rectifier and bypass increases the availability of power to the receivers.

Automatic diagnostics with FTM (Fault Trace Management) and fully digital control (32 bit DSP x2) guarantees full device efficiency, control of components and operating parameters without the need for user intervention.

High Input And Output Power Factor for The Cover Energy 300kVA 300000VA BM300 UPS Unit

High value of the input power factor limits the value of the current consumed by the device from the network.

Maximum value of the output power factor PF = 1 provides 20% more active power than standard solutions with PF = 0.8.

Maximum wide input voltage range -40% ÷ + 25% in normal operation mode, it ensures stable operation of the device without the need to use batteries, which significantly affects the extension of their service life.

A wide range of input frequencies in the normal operation mode, it allows free use of the power supply in a network with unstable parameters and power supply from the generator set.

Simplicity of use ease of connection to the network and simple switching on and off of the device does not require special qualifications from the user.

Advanced battery management of the Cover Energy 300000VA BM300 UPS guarantees optimal charging and use of batteries, increases their lifespan and lowers operating costs.

Excellent quality of output voltage achieved thanks to the use of the IGBT inverter using highly advanced PWM control technology, it provides voltage with stable parameters, regardless of the power disturbances and the type of powered equipment.

High overload protection on the Cover Energy 300000VA BM300 UPS provides device protection and continuity of power supply in the presence of transient transients, and reduces the need for over-sizing the device in relation to the power of the receivers.

Advanced software allowing the user full control over the device and powered receivers.

Configurable work parameters nominal voltages, frequencies, preferred modes of operation, communication method – significantly broadens the range of possible applications.

Redundant configurations:

  • redundant work for increased reliability
  • capacitive parallel operation for increased power
  • HotStandby operation (separated rectifier and bypass power supply)

Input :

  • Nominal Voltage 380 / 400 / 415 VAC
  • Voltage range -40% ÷ +25%
  • Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
  • Frequency range -10% ÷ +10%
  • THDi <3%
  • Input power factor ≥0,99


  • Nominal voltage 380 / 400 / 415 VAC
  • Power factor 1,0
  • Static / dynamic voltage regulation ±1% / ±3%
  • Nominal frequency 50 / 60 ± 0,1 Hz
  • Inverter overload resistance 130% - 10 min., 150% - 60 s, >150% - 200 ms
  • Efficiency in On-Line mode 97%
  • Efficiency in Eco mode 99%

Battery :

  • No. of batteries in string 32 – 44 psc. batteries 12V
  • Charging curent 25 – 100 A
  • Charging time 3 - 8 hours to 90% capacity (configurable)
  • Charging cycle According to DIN 41773 with automatic shutdown of charging according to the criterion of current and voltage, with time control

Dimensions and weight :

  • Dimensions of UPS (W x D x H) 1000 x 900 x 1950 mm
  • Weight of UPS 750 kg

Signaling and communication ports :

  • Work status indicator Touch display, LED indicators, audible alarm
  • Standard communication RS232, RS485, MODBUS, USB, Dry Contact, SNMP (option), REPO, Parallel slots, interface for gensets

Environmental conditions :

  • Noise level <75 dB @ load. 100%, <65 dB @ load. 50%
  • Permissible operating temperature 0°C ÷ 40°C
  • Recommended working temperature 15°C ÷ 25°C
  • Storage temperature -20°C ÷ 40°C
  • Humidity 0 ÷ 95% (without condensation)

Standards :

  • Resistance to interference EN 62040-2:2005, EN 62040-2:2006
  • Safety IEC62040-1-1, CE, 62040-3 :2001


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Product Details

Cover Energy 300kVA 300000VA BM300 UPS Unit

  • Technology: True On-Line Double Conversion
  • Classification Code: VFI-SS-111
  • Power Range: 300kVA / 300000VA
  • Phase Configuration: 3:3
  • Prefect for large computer networks, data processing centres

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