250kVA ‘Silent’ Diesel Generator undergoes successful testing at Hampshire Generators

250kVA Diesel Generator Testing

Hampshire Generators was selected to work with a major contractor to supply and install a 250kVA standby diesel generator in a prestigious central London (Euston Road) development. The generator needed to be low noise level – 75dB(A) at 1m – so we worked closely with the high quality manufacturer Inmesol Generators to come up with the perfect design to suit the installation. The acoustic canopy was oversized to reduce the airflow velocity and the cooling air outlet was turned through 90 degrees to ensure the lowest noise possible at ground level.

In addition to the noise level the standby 250kVA diesel generator was fitted with a 500 litre diesel fuel tank and upgraded control system to allow the unit to start from multiple generator automatic transfer switches around the building.

The 250kVA Volvo Generator is due to be installed soon and will be fitted within the building on the 2nd floor. The generator will be lifted into position and slid through an opening in the building and once in position the hot air outlet and exhaust flue will be extended to the outside of the building in compliance with building and planning regulations.

Before delivery and as an important part of the contract, Hampshire Generators undertook to fully test the unit at our workshop. The contractor, consultant and client representative all attended our site and witnessed the generator being fully checked, started and run on load for several hours including 110% overload for 60 minutes. It passed without problem and has been signed off for delivery in the next week or so.

Hampshire Generators can load bank test generators of any brand using our own load banks either at your site or at our works – they are specialist generator company that covers the full range of generators from small portable inverter generators to large permanently installed standby diesel generators. Whatever size generator or specification you need – contact Hampshire Generators.

250kVA generator control system settings

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